WhatsApp makes available to more Android and iOS users its new function that allows you to send messages to yourself.

It is quite likely that you have a WhatsApp group in which only you are, by choice or because that birthday group has been left alone, and you use it for your reminders or tests . Well, WhatsApp, as we announced just a few days ago , is already making available to users the option to share messages, multimedia, documents or links with yourself.The great news is that surely you can already access this new function and try to send you the odd message. Of course, it seems to be coming to Android and iOS devices in a gradual way, since some members of the team already have the function and others do not (although it will only be a matter of one day or another).

From what we see in the images, you just have to click on “Contacts” to see how you appear yourself. Once you create it, you will appear in your chat in case you want to add more content to the conversation.From WABetaInfo they also report the following: “Keep in mind that messages sent to this particular chat will be visible on all your linked devices and are always end-to-end encrypted (the encryption key is generated using all your linked devices)” .
The world’s most used instant messaging app is updating its tools and functionality at a rate never seen before. The objective is to separate from Telegram, its great rival for the last five years.

Let’s go to the important thing. What is WhatsApp doing again to be news? Well, completely remodel your camera application to improve its use and make it more intuitive for users, something that we have been asking for for many years.This improvement is coming in the beta of WhatsApp for Android, where it is specified that there is a new camera mode that is under development, so do not go running to check if you have it on your Android phone that there is still a while until the whole world is freed.

Thanks to this function, WhatsApp would have redesigned the camera function within the app, bringing new icons and a separate and specified photo / video mode . After the release of the WhatsApp for Android beta update, some testers can finally use the new camera mode.As you can see on the screenshot, the camera has been redesigned bringing the ability to quickly switch from photo mode to video mode and vice versa . In previous versions of WhatsApp, you had to press and hold to record a video. In WhatsApp Web we do not know if it will arrive.

And it is not the only change that comes to Facebook chat
The testers are testing another great feature that the company has been working on for some time. This novelty is the search filter that allows us to review at a glance what surveys we have on our WhatsApp and see how the voting is going.So we don’t have to remember the group where it took place or navigate the time bar to find it. As we explained yesterday , the fastest way to find out if the feature is already enabled on your account is to expand the search bar: if the survey filter appears, it means you can already use this feature to search for incoming and outgoing surveys.

As always, we know about all these news thanks to the specialized WhatsApp medium that is dedicated to collecting each new beta and each new line of code that reaches the Facebook instant messaging application.


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