Surely you have heard of OnlyFans in recent months, but it is possible that you are not very clear about what it is and how this social network works. In this guide we explain everything you need to know about the adult platform.

Update: in addition to all the extensive information that this article already had about OnlyFans, we now incorporate a list with the characters that earn the most on this social network, something that may surprise you.In recent times OnlyFans has captured the attention of the media . Mainly, the news related to the platform has focused on reporting celebrities who have opened an account, as well as detailing how much some celebrities earn on OnlyFans.

The media make it clear that it is a social network where nudes and erotic and sexual content can be published , but on many occasions the information does not go further.

For this reason, you may be wondering what is OnlyFans, how does it work, what is its business model, and why has it become so popular?

If you have heard of this social network for adults, but you are not very clear about the concept, keep reading because in this report we are going to explain everything you need to know about OnlyFans.What is OnlyFans and everything you need to know:

What is OnlyFans?
How OnlyFans works?
The OnlyFans Boom
How much money do celebrities make on OnlyFans?
The controversy with pornographic content
What is OnlyFans?
What is OnlyFans is the first question asked by people who hear about the platform in the media. It is an adult-only social network in which content creators share erotic or sexual images and videos of all types and categories.

And it is that, unlike conventional social networks, this platform not only does not censor this content, but they are its main claim.

Although there are free channels, in most cases, in order to access the content, users have to become fans of the person who publishes it. To do this, they have to subscribe to the profile and pay a monthly fee, the amount of which is set by the creator within minimum and maximum margins established by the platform.

OnlyFans is not a newly created service. The platform was born in 2016 and initially it was not a social network for adults, but a meeting point between artists and their followers. The idea was to offer a place where artists would provide their fans with exclusive content , which they could access in exchange for a monthly subscription.

But the initial approach changed course in 2018. Leonid Radvinsky , owner of the live sex website MyFreeCams, bought 75% of Only Fans and became the director of the platform, giving it the identity it has today. .

In May 2020, Tim Stokely, founder and CEO of OnlyFans, claimed that the adult social network had more than 30 million registered users. Subscriptions grew incredibly during the pandemic: in the month of April of that year alone they increased by more than 50% , and the number of creators also skyrocketed to reach 450,000 at that time.


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