The climate crisis, but also pandemics or wars, could prevent humans from ever finding life in the universe.

Although there are billions of planets in our universe , only a few million have the necessary conditions to support life, but that does not mean that it is still rare that no other species has made contact with Earth .And a new report explains the “great filter theory” and also debunks the “Fermi paradox” leaving the possibility that perhaps we are all alone in this universe , basically because all other civilizations have already died out .

In a new article published on ArXiv , NASA has discussed the great filter theory that claims that ancient alien civilizations may have been wiped out by some kind of climate crisis before they had had time to make contact with humanity on Earth .

This grand filter theory shows insight into how civilizations may have slowly created the conditions that lead to their own extinction.The theory would respond to the Fermi paradox that indicates that intelligent extraterrestrial life should be abundant, even with the occasional already intergalactic species, capable of dominating even its own galaxy at will . But, if this had been accurate, surely they would have made contact with (or conquered) our planet by now.

This would explain “the cosmic silence”
The paper notes that ” evidence for life should exist in abundance over our galaxy , and yet, in practice, we have not produced a clear statement of anything beyond our own planet .”” We postulate that an existential disaster may affect as our society exponentially moves towards space exploration, acting with the great filter: a phenomenon that wipes out civilizations before they can meet, which may explain this cosmic silence. ”

In this way, he affirms that ” humanity should learn from these hypothetical extinct species to successfully pass through this great universal filter, identifying the attributes of ourselves and using them ahead of time .”

NASA adds that human civilization must evolve to avoid falling into this great filter: ” History has shown that competition between species and, most importantly, collaboration, has led us to the highest peaks of invention and , however, we prolong notions that seem to be the antithesis of sustainable growth in the long term ”.

Be that as it may, our planet, or even our solar system, is a grain of sand in the universe and it is likely that other civilizations have not even found us yet, if they exist at all.


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