This application looks like a planner of your day and in reality what it wants is to empty your bank account without you noticing, delete it as soon as possible.

The alarms have gone off again on Android . An application has been found that masquerades as completely harmless content, but is actually a Trojan that seeks to steal your bank account information to later take all your money without you being able to do anything to prevent it.The name of the application is “Todo: Day Manager” and it is an application that is used to manage what you have to do during the day. Come on, it is a planner of your day and, therefore, in the first instance it should be completely harmless. But unfortunately, this is not the situation.

The application has already been removed from the Google application store, but this does not prevent you from downloading it previously through the Play Store and therefore having it installed on your mobile phone . If this is the case, what we recommend is to eliminate it completely and even restore the mobile completely.

The danger behind “Todo: Day Manager” is quite big and, in fact, it has a way of working that makes it one of the most dangerous malware that has emerged in recent weeks . The name of the Trojan hidden in the application is “Xenomorph” which refers to the Alien movie: the eighth passenger.
If you don’t want to lose your money, the best thing you can do is delete this application
Unlike other Trojans, this one would only affect phones with the Android operating system . Its operation is complex, although it can be summed up in that it remains patiently waiting for you to use the bank’s application and, once you do, is when your bank account is in danger .To get into your bank account, what it does is intercept the verification messages that are sent when entering the bank application . Come on, it is done with the necessary code to be able to enter this application and, once it is achieved, it is able to start making constant money transfers.

These money transfers can empty your bank account if you are not able to stop them in time and, normally, this is difficult. Fortunately, the Google Play Store has already taken action on the matter and the application is no longer available for download, but this has not prevented it from reaching several user phones.


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