Microsoft recovers a fun tradition that is already a few years old. With Christmas comes a new Christmas jumper, and this year they have outdone themselves.

Like the nougat or the roscón de Reyes, for Christmas the ugly sweater from Windows also returns . It is his official name, and he wears it with pride. A horrifying Christmas jumper that is more horrifying every year than the last. This year is dedicated to a very special character: Clippy .

In the United States it is a tradition to wear a wool sweater during Christmas. The uglier and flashier the better. It is mandatory that it have Christmas motifs : reindeer, Christmas trees, decorative balls… Microsoft joined the tradition by creating the ugly jumper for Windows . A couple of years ago it was dedicated to Paint , and last year, to Minesweeper .

In 2022 it’s called Windows Ugly Sweater: Clippy Edition , so you can already imagine who the lead is. The most horrendous, useless, annoying and unpleasant virtual assistant in history: Clippy , or clipo in Spanish.

Clippy is back… in a Christmas jumper
If you used Microsoft Office 20 years ago, the mere sight of Clippy is likely to give you nightmares.

Before Alexa, before Siri, before the Google Assistant, we had Clippy . It first appeared in Office 97 and haunted us relentlessly until Office 2003 . Microsoft was left with no choice but to remove it forever, due to protests.But Clipo refuses to die, coming back to life from time to time to send a chill down our spines. She’s the big star of Windows Ugly Jersey: Clippy Edition.

A Christmas jumper that you will surely want to wear at Christmas Eve dinner with the whole family.

Clippy was a clip-shaped Office assistant . Its design was ugly and basic, but that’s not what got on my nerves. He had a bad habit of appearing in the middle of the screen every 5 minutes , asking if you needed anything.

Even if you told him no, he would reappear after a few minutes, insisting on offering his help. And if in the end you asked him, he was slow, he had a hard time understanding what you wanted, and on rare occasions he would solve your problem.


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