The infinite possibilities that education can find in the metaverse are a claim to promote this technology that promotes the use of virtual reality, augmented reality and virtual worlds for recreational, work and, why not, educational purposes. If the metaverse wants to offer experiences beyond the physical world we live in, we can aspire to create better ways to further education through the metaverse as well. And without the physical limitations that surround us.

All this happens in a context in which education has opened its doors to technology like never before. With a speed similar to the one that we come across with new devices, services or online products , classrooms are incorporating technology at a forced march in an attempt to satisfy the new educational needs of their students. Education cannot turn its back on the changing and hyper-technological reality. And it is inevitable that the metaverse will make an appearance in education. And vice versa.
It will require a lot of effort, especially on the part of teachers and trainers. But if done correctly, education in the metaverse can find a powerful tool with which to disseminate knowledge, taking advantage of the advantages offered by augmented reality and virtual reality , among other novelties that the metaverse brings with it as disruptive technology.

It will be precisely about this issue, and many others, that will be discussed at EnlightED 2022 . The annual meeting on the new paradigm of education in conjunction with technology.

A new learning experience
Granted, the metaverse is eye-catching from an entertainment standpoint . One of the sectors that generate the most benefits on and off the Internet. There are currently several platforms that offer video games that are part of the metaverse . In some cases, they have even gone beyond the game and have been crowned as opportunities for innovation in sectors such as aeronautics or the study of meteorological phenomena .

The professional field also sees a business opportunity in the metaverse. In this area, Microsoft’s commitment to its HoloLens technology and to adapting applications such as Microsoft Teams to a virtual environment in which to hold immersive remote meetings stands out.

And of course, education in the metaverse can find a resource that offers unique experiences to learn in ways never seen before. Virtual reality and augmented reality make it possible to recreate environments, objects or elements using 3D engines typical of video games.


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