If you access the Google search engine and tap on his doodle, you will be pleasantly surprised. A game worth spending more than 30 seconds on.

The Google doodle of Halloween night hides a multiplayer online game of ghosts . It’s more fun than usual, and it’s played directly in the browser.

Surely you know the Google doodle , that personalized logo that includes the Google search engine, which changes almost every day. They turned 24 years old a few months ago.

Doddles are usually dedicated to a significant event that occurs on the day in question, such as Halloween, or to a birthday or anniversary of the death of a famous personality. If you tap on the doodle , it often contains additional information about that event, and sometimes videos, animations, or mini -games .

These mini -games are usually simple single-player challenges, though they sometimes allow for local multiplayer play. But it is rare to find a multiplayer online game within the Google doodle.

How to play Google’s ghost game
Google ‘s Halloween doodle has no title . We have discovered that it is not new, Google already used it in Halloween 2018 .Matches last two minutes and the team that stores the most flames in their lair wins.

When you get a certain amount, they gain temporary powers like more speed or magnetism, which give you a small advantage.

It is the typical game of cat and mouse where you have to remove the flames of the opponent, and at the same time prevent him from taking yours. It’s quite entertaining to play for a few minutes.If you play it on a computer, you can use the keyboard or the mouse. On the mobile there is a virtual joystick, much more imprecise.

Best of all, at the end of a matchup it allows you to create a match as a host . You get a link that you can pass on to your acquaintances to play with them in a private match.

It is not a game to win prizes, but it is more elaborate and more fun than most of those that usually include Google doodles .

If you still do not have a plan for this Halloween night , we recommend some horror movies , as well as some free YouTube channels with scary movies .

In the meantime, the Google doodle of Halloween , with the online multiplayer game of ghosts , can be used to have a fun time with your friends. It will entertain you for a few minutes.



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