Going against Elon Musk costs a job for a Twitter engineer who decided to reply to a comment made by the owner of Twitter within his social network.

Arguing with your boss is not a good idea, especially when your boss is Elon Musk . Added to the string of actions without any kind of sense that the South African tycoon has carried out in recent days is the dismissal of a person for going against him on Twitter. Yes, that has been the only reason behind the dismissal of Eric Frohnhoefer.This discussion has caused a huge stir in the networks and, is that, Elon Musk has decided to comment on the malfunction of the Twitter application on Android phones . The comments he has made have all been wrong and a Twitter engineer has decided to point out that what he said did not correspond to reality.

The response from Elon Musk has been to get defensive and not accept these comments. In fact, he has questioned the engineer about what he had done within Twitter to improve the user experience. Eric Frohnhoefer has not saved anything and has answered everything in the most professional way possible .Seeing the comments received, Elon’s response has been to directly inform him that he was fired. Yes, we could be facing the first dismissal that is carried out directly by Twitter . Eric Frohnhoefer has not taken the situation as an attack and from what he has published on the social network owned by Elon Musk, the dismissal was not expected to be serious.

Elon Musk fires a worker on Twitter just for having contradicted him
To better understand the situation, Elon Musk posted a message on Twitter in which he incorrectly explained the malfunction of the social network application for Android phones. Eric Frohnhoefer decided to answer directly that due to his 6 years of experience developing Twitter for Android that this was not correct.According to Elon Musk, the delay or malfunction of the application in many countries occurred because Twitter for Android performed more than 1000 RPCs or also known as remote procedure calls just to display a timeline. This is incorrect and unfortunately for all of us to know this has cost Eric Frohnhoefer his job .

And, it is that, the applications do not make RPC calls, so Musk ‘s comment is basically incorrect and, moreover, a lie. The response that the current owner of Twitter has decided to give is to tell him that he is fired and thereby set the networks on fire, although not for the better.

Of course, not everything has been criticism of Elon Musk. Several user groups have come out to defend him, calling Eric Frohnhoefer unprofessional for having corrected his boss and, above all, for doing so through a tweet. What happens is that it has been Musk himself who has discredited the work of the developers on Twitter.

Being the one who initiated the criticism of the operation of Twitter and, above all, the one who has decided to ignore the communication protocols within a company and apologize to the users for a problem that, apart from not existing, calls into question the work of the developers of the Twitter app for Android .

As if this were not enough, Elon Musk did not communicate with Eric Frohnhoefer at any time using an official channel such as the company’s Slack or email. In fact, the dismissal only became official at the moment when Eric turned on his work computer and could not access it to get to work .



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